University Proficiency! A Real Challenge!ÔÇŽ

At the end of the 2nd semester, prep students at university face a big challenge called the proficiency exam on their way to starting their majors.

Mostly, it is not an easy task for an elementary level student to reach an English level to pass the proficiency exam within a few months and as a result most prep students who take the exam fail on their first attempt, which is always a big disappointment for them as well as their parents, who usually have to pay large sums of tuition to those private universities.

The reasons for their failure vary. They may not have attended their classes regularly. Or, they may not have studied enough. Or, they may have succumbed to exam stress. Whatever the reason might be, the bottomline is that their English is not at a level good enough to start their majors.

Hey folks! Cheer up! Scilang makes you win!

Knowing what lies behind the problem, Scilang handles the matter with a different approach. Setting students into a preliminary study program of 25-35 hours called the Scilang Helix, we teach them how to make English.

Unlike the mainstream approach that makes students memorize things, we prefer to teach them the constituents that make up the whole, in other words, all the essentials on how to make compound sentences to get them high grades on the proficiency exam.

Therefore, instead of dissuading students from using advanced-level structures lest they make mistakes, we teach and encourage our students to display every ability they have during the exam to prove their English is advanced.

We give knowledge, encourage courage and make success inevitable!

A Scilang student, who is always well-motivated, thinks and acts like a winner. Having learned all advanced grammar with the magic touch of the Scilang Helix within hours, he now finds plenty of time to study academic vocab.

Although proficiency exams differ in content from college to college, the skills tested are usually similar. Students are expected to speak and write fluently, logically and coherently. Moreover, they are expected to comprehend what they read and listen in English.

If you have limited time, you must come to Scilang for proficiency success. We teach

  • all advanced grammar within 25-35 hours
  • all essay writing ÔÇô including advantage-disadvantage/ compare-contrast/ cause-effect/ argumentative/ problem- solution/ agree-* disagree/ opinion / graph writing
  • all tips to speak fluently and flexibly like a native
  • all about reading comprehension ÔÇô skimming and scanning passages, academic vocabulary, paraphrasing, how to answer reading comprehension questions without copy-paste
  • all about listening ÔÇô tips to understand better, note-taking and the process of elimination for multiple choice questions

All in all, preparation for a proficiency exam takes up to 50-60 hours including mock exams. Success is guaranteed to those who attend our classes regularly and do their homework properly.

For specific information about your exam please visit

Bilgi University Proficiency
Bah├že┼čehir University Proficiency
Ko├ž University Proficiency
I.T.U. Proficiency



Evet, baz─▒ anlar vard─▒r ve unutulmaz. Bilgi ├ťniversitesinde Liverpool olay─▒n─▒ ger├žekle┼čtirmek gibi… Hi├ž abart─▒s─▒z s├Âyl├╝yorum d├╝nyan─▒n en iyi hocas─▒yla ├žal─▒┼čt─▒m ve ba┼čard─▒m. Sayesinde 20 saatte hayat─▒m de─či┼čti. Dar─▒s─▒ ba┼č─▒n─▒za…
─░layda Yelkin, Bilgi University, Passed the Ielts, now studying at UOLP-Liverpool University
─░layda Yelkin
Dersimize girdi ve makus talihimiz o anda de─či┼čti. Dahice ders anlatan ├Âzel biri oldu─čunu hemen fark edebiliyorsunuz. Konusuna ├žok hakim. Tarz─▒ b├╝t├╝nsel ve ├žok de─či┼čik. ┼×a┼čt─▒k kald─▒k ama s─▒navlar─▒ da verdik.
Selina De─čirmenci, Bahcesehir University, Passed the Proficiency exam
Selina De─čirmenci
Bir t├╝rl├╝ ge├žemedi─čim bilet s─▒nav─▒ y├╝z├╝nden ailemle ili┼čkilerim ├žok bozuktu. Okulu b─▒rakmak durumunda kalabilirdim. Babam kursa g├Ânderdi, ├Âzel hoca tuttu, yine de ben gizlice Serdar hocay─▒ buldum ve bu i┼či birlikte ba┼čard─▒k. Hayat─▒m─▒n mutlulu─čuydu.
Hamdi Konu┼č, Bilgi University, Passed the Proficiency exam
Hamdi Konu┼č
┬áS─▒nav ba┼čar─▒mda ve projelerimde daima yan─▒mda olan ve e┼č┼čiz bilgisiyle bana yol g├Âsteren say─▒n hocama ve Scilang ailesine te┼čekk├╝r ederim. Disiplinli, hijyen ve rahat bir ortamda ders ├žal─▒┼čmak ├žok g├╝zel.┬á
Berk K─▒nac─▒, Bilgi University, Passed the Proficiency exam
Berk K─▒nac─▒


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