Welcome To the Peak! To Scilang School of Advanced English!

You might find it difficult to decide on which language course to go to among thousands. We know that your choice is of great importance because your time is precious as well as your money. Education is the biggest investment in yourself and you must make a good decision.

Here is our bullet by bullet list to help you understand why Scilang must be your choice:

  • 30.000 Hours of Teaching Experience
  • the Scilang Helix, a Killer Method to Teach You Advanced English within 25 Hours!
  • 60-Minute Lessons by the Chronometer
  • High Scores from the TOEFL IBT, the IELTS, or PROFICIENCY
  • All Shortcuts for Speaking Perfect English
  • High Rate of Success in Business Interviews
  • Limited Student Admission
  • Quality Student Profile
  • Scholarship Based on Your Success
  • No Crowded Classrooms ÔÇô Only You /or Groups of maximum 2.
  • Original Book Sets
  • Online Library to Do Self-study
  • A Soundproof Office
  • Non-Smoking, Clinical-looking Hygienic Classrooms
  • A Canteen Full of Organic Foods
  • 24/7 service
  • Mobility ÔÇô Have Your Class Anywhere You Like!
  • Program Freeze on Request ÔÇô in case of holiday, business trip or ill-health
  • Online Help Desk For Exam Students
  • Best Price