Once upon a time and a very good time ago, it was like ÔÇťTo be or not to be! That is the question!ÔÇŁ

However, time has changed! All is now a matter of being able to speak it or not. What we mean is that English seems to have established itself as the international language of the Globe and it is now almost impossible to get a good job or run a business efficiently without good command of it.

Are You Sure of the Exactness of Your English? 

As is the fashion, in many countries as well as ours, people go to language courses to acquire this ability. The problem is that their English turns out to be something else rather than English.

are-you-sure-of-your-EnglishLeave aside sounding funny, many people cannot express themselves in the way they want to and often hesitate when trying to speak English.

The reason is that they often speak imitation English they pick up from series and movies, not knowing what makes English easy to speak. That is, they do not know the simple rules to shorten sentences and to make them compound.

ThatÔÇÖs why, they speak with clutter and say things they actually do not mean. As a result, their message is either not understood or misunderstood. And sometimes, they speak with so many mistakes that it becomes a torment for both sides to maintain a healthy conversation.

That might be rather humiliating on certain occasions such as a job interview, a formal presentation at work, or a big exam like the TOEFL IBT or the IELTS on the way to a good career.

Speak Like a Native At Scilang! Learn All the Simple Rules that Make English Easy to Speak! 

At Scilang Institute, where education is considered an art and handled with great care, extra importance is attached to speaking. The biggest difference between Scilang and other language courses is that Scilang teaches you all advanced-level rules that shorten sentences and make them compound, thus easy to speak out. Clause-by-clause, all itemizedÔÇŽ

The I Shall Teach You set of advanced grammar involves thousands of oral exercises on paper and online. All you need to do is to study a few hours of oral advanced grammar in class and then do the rest as self-study. Within this scope, the courses you take at Scilang are as follows:

  • The Aytach Table
  • Oral Practice of Tenses
  • Oral Practice of Adjective Clauses
  • Oral Practice of Noun Clauses
  • Oral Practice of Verb After Verb Situations
  • Oral Practice of Prepositions
  • Oral Practice of Modals
  • Oral Practice of Connectors
  • Oral Practice of Participles
  • Topic Speaking

In no other course can you find such a scientific and mathematical approach to the issue. They usually hold conversation clubs as a solution, which never goes beyond beating the air because their students are not taught advanced English in a systematic way. Instead, they expect their students to pick it up just as a baby does in its infancy in a natural way.

However, they seem to have forgotten the fact that a babyÔÇÖs mind is tabula rasa ready to take it, whereas that of an ESL student isnÔÇÖt. It is already loaded with another language.

Judging from this fact, just as you cannot operate Pardus on a computer already installed with Windows, so can you not expect an ESL student to speak advanced just by making him listen to English.

Rather, you must teach him all the essentials of the language and explain in simple terms how the language operates. And this is what Scilang is all about!

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Sign up and sign in and dive into the world of advanced English. Listen and repeat! Listen and repeat! Native voices will read, you will repeat. Then you will do it all by yourselfÔÇŽ